MapInfo Professional
Version 12.0

MapInfo Professional, the industry's leading business-mapping solution, lets you perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to better understand business information from a geographic perspective. Use MapInfo Professional to enhance reports and presentations, discover patterns and trends not previously seen and create quality maps to facilitate effective decision-making. And with a host of new features and enhancements, MapInfo Professional makes mapping and analysis faster and easier at the desktop - and throughout the enterprise.

New Features in Mapinfo Professional 12.0

Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) Program

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Encom Discover and Discover 3D

Version 2013

Encom Discover is the premier geoscience application for MapInfo Professional GIS.

Version 2013 has now been released. This new version of Discover contains a number of exciting new features as well as many improvements to existing tools. Transferring data between 2D and 3D has never been easier!

New/Improved Features in Discover 2013

Who should use Discover?

What can Discover do for you?

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