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About MapsByAir

MapsByAir offers online access to all of our colour aerial photography.

Use MapsByAir when you need to see greater ground detail than Google Earth for the Vancouver lower mainland, Fraser Valley, Squamish-Whistler corridor, Nanaimo and the Victoria Capital Regional District.

Using your web browser, you can pan or zoom to see ground details down to 10-15 cm. You can print these high resolution aerial photos right from our website or copy and paste them into your own applications.

Unwatermarked versions of these colour aerial images are available for a fee. For more information please Contact Us .

How are our aerial images being used?

Our MapsByAir images are being used by a variety of private companies and government agencies. Municipalities' Planning, Parks, and Engineering departments use our aerial views to help plan for smart growth, review vegetation management, evaluate stormwater flows based on impervious surfaces, land assessment, and more.

Real estate agents use our images to help people more quickly target their homes of interest as buyers get a feel for the neighbourhood and can see the proximity to bus routes, schools, etc. with our overlain map details.

As our imagery is very high resolution and precisely mapped, Engineering firms use our imagery to help plan the design for new roads and other structures. Our images are also draped in 3D views to help view the new road designs from different perspectives.

Architects use our imagery to help bring an additional level of realism to their renderings of proposed developments. On a larger scale, our imagery is used to help design ski resorts.

Recent News

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