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Preview Clip
Highway 99 (Sea to Sky Hwy), British Columbia
Computer Simulated Flythrough of proposed road design (modeled highway alignment, trees, water, 3D structures, DEM).
Time: 30 Seconds

MapsByAir 3D helps you create a realistic perspective view or full motion video of your project area using digital maps and aerial photos. Optionally, you can combine the maps and photos with your AutoCAD or plan drawings of buildings or other structures. These 3D views can display realistic looking buildings, trees, cars, clouds, etc, to produce a life-like image for you. You and your stakeholders will be better able to visualize your project and will appreciate how these 3D images add value to the decision-making process.If you need us to supply high detail terrain information in your visualization, we have one of the most powerful, versatile laser imaging systems available in the industry. Called LiDAR, or Light Detection And Ranging, its technology provides centimetre accuracy for mapping the terrain.  LiDAR derived DEMs are very popular for railway and pipeline corridor design, utility corridor design / vegetation encroachment / electrical line (catenary) sag, and highway design. 

You can use MapsByAir 3D for example, if you want to:

  • demonstrate how a new building will affect surrounding views,
  • depict the appearance of a proposed bridge from either side of a lake or river,
  • plan lines of site along golf course fairways, or
  • showcase your fishing lodge with an impressive aerial flythrough,

MapsByAir 3D can create the reality you need.

Click on one of the download links to experience the dynamic nature of these 3D views.

3D Studio Gallery
Video Files

Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project Date: Jan 2006
Proposed Sea to Sky Highway improvements in the HorseShoe Bay area. Utilizing 3D highway interchanges, cuts/fills, and computer generated ecosystems. Viewers are given a two minute drivethrough travelling northbound on the new highway.
Time: 2:12 minutes File Size: 43 MB
Download complete, high resolution version

Calgary 4th Street SW Bridge and Underpass Date: June 2005
Calgary 4th Street SW Bridge and Underpass
Calgary 4th Street proposed underpass/bridge under railway. New lanes were created around all arterial streets as well as twin bridges were created in the flythrough.
Time: 35 seconds File Size: 14 MB
Download complete, high resolution version

Proposed Bridge Date: Nov 2004
Proposed bridge with high resolution airphoto draped over a digital elevation model. The proposed bridge, trees, and road alignments were created from 3D AutoCAD drawings and created just for this virtual movie. Render time (computer "crunch time") took almost 300 hours to compose this movie.
Time: 1:10 minutes File Size: 26 MB
Download complete, high resolution version

Whistler Ski Resort Date: Mar 2005
A short computer generated flythrough demo of Whistler Village. All buildings were modelled photogrametrically.
Time: 19 seconds File Size: 2 MB
Download complete, high resolution version

High Resolution Still Images

Smithers, B.C. Date: Feb 2006
Blue Pearl Mine access road visibility 3D view
Blue Pearl Mine access road visibility from Smithers downtown and other specific viewpoints along the highway. Used for visual impact assessment of the new road.
Time: 1 sample frame File Size: 682 KB
View Hi-res

Whistler Village, B.C. Date: Apr 2005
Whistler Village 3D view
Modelling Whistler Village from Airphoto triangulation to recreate 3D models of all structures to analyze shadows for new developments.
Time: 1 single frame File Size: 200 KB
View Hi-res

Surrey Golf Course, B.C. Date: Jan 2005
Surrey golf course driving range 3D view
Proposed driving range at Surrey Golf course. Views are from various locations around the course.
Time: 7 single frames File Size: 1.8 MB

Proposed Bridge Stills Date: Nov 2004
Proposed bridge 3D view
Still frame pictures. Everything generated with 3D models.
Time: 6 single frames File Size: 4 MB






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